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A breakthrough male enhancement supplement, 100% Male contains a proprietary blend of ingredients reported by 97.4% of subjects in a scientific study to improve sexual function including sex drive, quality and dependability of erection, sexual performance and overall sexual satisfaction in as little as 30 days.*

100% Male features a patented formula comprised of seven traditional herbs that have been used in Asia as aphrodisiacs for thousands of years to improve the sexual experience. These safe and effective natural ingredients work together to help promote sexual potency, increase vitality, boost stamina and desire.*

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With the 100% Male “Love It or Return It” Guarantee, you will have 30 days from the date your order is received to try our product for yourself. If you are not thrilled with your results, simply call to cancel your order and return the unused portion for a complete refund of your purchase price (less shipping and processing).

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Deepen personal relationships with increased mutual sexual satisfaction.*

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Heighten your level of desire and experience more intense physical gratification.*

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Gain the confidence and ability to sexually perform whenever the mood strikes.*

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"I’d like it to be like it was when we were first together…with 100% Male my libido has increased, my stamina…I’m ready for round 2 in the morning…"*

- Derwin

"100% Male has given me confidence, pride, strong stamina and a lasting hardness…I feel like 20 years younger, it just really feels great ever since taking 100% Male. It’s amazing."*

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Have Better Sex in 30 Days* Clinically shown results!
100% Male
  • Improve sexual desire and performance*
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  • Take just two capsules a day!
Limited Time Offer Free Bottle Special! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Limited Time Offer Free Bottle Special! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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100% Male, LLC, Vitamins and Supplements, Sherman Oaks, CA