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How It Works

100% Male™ is a breakthrough male enhancement supplement with a patented blend of 7 natural ingredients that have been clinically shown to enhance sexual health. These potent ingredients have been used for thousands of years but are now combined for the first time in this exclusive formula.

Clinically Shown Results

Within 30 days, 97.4% of subjects in a double-blind, placebo controlled study of the ingredients in 100% Male™ reported improved sexual function including a better sex drive, more reliable erections, enhanced sexual performance and pleasure.

  • More stamina and desire in 30 days*
  • Scientifically shown results
  • Natural, safe and effective
  • Better sex with just 2 capsules a day*

The proprietary natural formula of 100% Male™ heightens sexual health and satisfaction without harmful side effects*. No prescription is required.
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Powerful Formula

The fantasy many men share about having more fulfilling sex lives can now become a reality. The exclusive blend of 7 traditional herbal aphrodisiacs work together in 100% Male™ to deliver proven results in the following key areas:

Sexual Potency*

Asparagus-Safed Musli is a rare herb from India that promotes sexual potency and an increased sex drive*. The meaning of its name is "sexually powerful like the stallion horse."

Sexual Stamina and Desire*

Tribulus-Gokshur (aka Gokhru fruit) and Asteracantha-Kulikhara (aka Gokulakanta) help to become and stay aroused longer by heightening sexual stamina and desire, boosting physical strength and building healthy reproductive tissues.*

Youthful Energy and Vitality*

Shilajit, Mucuna-Kapikachhu (aka Kawach) and Curculigo-Kali Musli are all anti-aging elixirs that boost sexual rejuvenation, vitality and energy*. The word Shilajit means "invincible like a rock".

Reduced Stress*

Withania-Ashwagandha is known as Indian Ginseng. It may reduce the negative effects of stress and create a more positive frame of mind*.

Have Better Sex in 30 Days* Clinically shown results!
100% Male
  • Improve sexual desire and performance*
  • Last longer and gain more control*
  • Take just two capsules a day!
Offer available while supplies last! Free Bottle Special! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Offer available while supplies last! Free Bottle Special! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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100% Male, Vitamins and Supplements, Beverly, MA