Q: What is 100% Male™?

A: 100% Male™ is a breakthrough male enhancement formula with ingredients reported by 97.4% of subjects in a scientific study to improve sexual function, including improvements in sex drive, quality and dependability of erection, sexual performance and best of all, overall sexual satisfaction and enjoyment in as little as 30 days. For more about the science click here.

Q. How does 100% Male™ work?

A: 100% Male™ is a patented blend of seven traditional natural herbal aphrodisiacs that have been used for thousands of years in Asia to improve the sexual experience including:

  1. Gokhru fruit - to strengthen sexual organs
  2. Safed musli - to boost sex drive
  3. Kawach - for pleasure and satisfaction
  4. Kali musli - to last longer
  5. Gokulakanta - a traditional aphrodisiac
  6. Ashwagandha - known as Indian Ginseng
  7. Shilajit - for youthfulness and longevity

These ingredients combine to create the most comprehensive natural formula that's ever been developed – and without the risk of harmful side effects. For more about these ingredients click here.

Q. Can you tell me more about the published placebo-controlled study?

In 2011, The American Journal of Therapeutics published a 3 year, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study of male subjects in committed relationships ages 21- 60. The subjects found the ingredients in 100% Male™ to significantly improve their overall sexual experience including significant improvements in:

  • Sex Drive
  • The quality and dependability of their erection
  • Control to help last longer
  • Overall sexual satisfaction

For more about the science click here.

Q. What is the recommended dosage for 100% Male™?

A: Take two 100% Male™ capsules at bedtime. 100% Male™ is taken daily, so you're ready when the mood strikes, INSTEAD of when the pills kick in.

Q: How quickly does 100% Male™ work?

A: 100% Male™ works over time, building sexual stamina. Some users report results in as little as 2 weeks, and continue to see improvements in sexual function, including sex drive, erections, performance, satisfaction and enjoyment after 30 days with continued daily use.

Q: Do I have to take 100% Male™ before intercourse?

A: No, 100% Male™ is taken daily, to improve your sex drive. You're ready when the mood strikes, INSTEAD of when the pills kick in.

Q: Are there any harmful side effects?

A: 100% Male™ is natural and has no reported harmful side effects.

Q: I have a medical condition, can I still take 100% Male™?

Please consult your healthcare provider prior to taking any supplement.



100% MALE™ IS 100% DISCREET Shipped and Billed Discreetly & Directly to You.

100% Male™:

  • Works best when taken every day
  • Has a patented blend of 7 powerful, herbal ingredients
  • Let's you be ready WHENEVER the moment arises

30-Day Money Back Guarantee -Try 100% Male™, for a full 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied, simply return the product for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping & processing).